Backpacking North East India Imagery

Life in North East India

How is life in North East India?

My  wife and I made a longish tour in 2013-14 – in what became a  life-altering experience. I’ve turned in to a travel writer since, with  the manuscript of my travelogue picked up by a literary agent  (hope it  gets published soon!). The proposed book, that aims to promote tourism  in Northeast India, is a tribute to the people of the region to whom we  would be forever grateful for their generous hospitality.

Though there’s a tendency to bracket the  region as one, these are eight highly diverse States with many  indigenous communities, cultures and lifestyles. We clicked over 4000  pictures. Here I reproduce a few:

A wintry morning at Dibrugarh Railway Station. Clean and calm:


At  some places the other bank of river Brahmaputra extends to the horizon.  River is home to world’s largest inhabited island – Majuli. Get there,  this way:


Observe that carrying arms is a way of life in some parts of the region.

Either guns:


….or more often, the multipurpose Daav (Machette)


Get used to wobbly but reliable hanging bridges (made out of bamboo or iron):


Realize that villages are clean:


You are never too far from a tea plantation


An all-women-vendors (Ima) market in Imphal


In remote areas, kids trek everyday to get to school:


While in urban areas, one could enjoy a 5D experience:


Shared Tata Sumo taxis are the best way to travel in the region (that’s me securing my bag)


Food remains a high point – with both vegetarian and meat options. Rice scores over roti:


Enjoy the local drinks. For instance, Sikkim is known for its organic Temi Tea – one of the finest …….And here’s Tongba from Gangtok:


When you learn local words and phrases, the moments with warm and friendly people are priceless:


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