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Top Reasons to Visit North East India

Why should you visit North East India?

Here are my top picks. These are based-on a few excerpts from my forthcoming travelogue.


The incredible people who stand out as proud ambassadors of their village, town or state are a source of inspiration. Complete strangers could invite you for a heart-warming meal! North East India is home to some of the most curious, friendly and hospitable people in the country.


The region is characterized by annual tourism festivals, such as the Hornbill Festival of Nagaland (featured) and the Manipur Sangai Festival, offering colorful glimpses of their rich heritage.


The region is home to an unparalleled natural heritage. Places such as Chhabimura in Tripura, Dzükou Valley in Nagaland and Manipur (featured), Living Root Bridges in Meghalaya and Loktak Lake in Manipur are awe-inspiring marvels. For wildlife enthusiasts, the North East offers rare sightings of rhinos, gibbons, Mithuns, Sangai deer, hornbills, and red pandas.

Food and Drinks

For food lovers, the streets of Agartala, Gangtok, Guwahati or Shillong are tantalizing locations. The region offers the widest spice-spectrum. From the chilli-laced eromba chutney in Manipur to the near absence of spices in Mizoram’s Zo Bai, you taste buds are in for a roller coaster ride. While at it, try the local brew too. Here’s how millet-based Tongba (Sikkim) looks like:

Truth be told, the entire region is an explorer’s paradise!

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