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Inviting Guest Columns

Do you have a memorable backpacking / hiking experience? Want to write about it, share, and inspire others? We would be delighted to hear from you! Send us your travel story, if it involves:

  • Traveling frugally (using local transport, hostels, guesthouses) in any part of the world
  • Outdoor activities (hiking, trekking, biking, diving in the ocean for marine life)

✓ Note: You may check our About section for an idea of what backpacking covers. If you have questions about your intended post, write to us at

Sample Entries

Wondering how to write? Check these samples:

✓ Note: If you are a habitual backpacker, you are welcome to make multiple submissions

Submission Guidelines. All entries must

  • Be drafted in English, between 800 to 1600 words, and in MS Word version
  • Promote a particular experience, a location, or both
  • Be neatly formatted, easy to read, and indicate where to insert pictures
  • Be accompanied with captioned, good quality images (upto 10 JPG or PNG attachments)
  • Include your full name and, if applicable, names of co-travelers
  • Include a brief self-introduction (~100 words) and a picture of yourself (to be featured in Meet the writers section)
  • Include your Facebook Ids, if you like to be tagged in the FB publicity feature
  • Be sent to with a subject line ‘Guest Column’

✓ Note: We review and edit the stories to ensure consistency of style

Track your submissions


  • Like and follow our Facebook page to get notified when we publicize your post


Disclaimer: Backpacking Series reserves the right to publish appropriate content.


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