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Tuhina Verma strives to travel both – the external world and her internal. She goes solo or with friends (when they turn up!). A public health professional by career, she believes that travel not only brings you to beautiful places, but also helps you grow. She goes by her pet name ‘Ghumakkad’ and writes at trippingwanderlust

Thomas Carney is a minimalist backpacker who’s always plotting a new trip. Originally from an organic farm in Ireland, he is now based in Berlin, Germany. When not on a computer, he’s at CrossFit or trying to brew the perfect coffee with an Aeropress coffee maker.  He writes about packing lists and merino wool.

Ravi Shankar is a globe trotter, explorer, and biker, and has been to over hundred cities in more than 20 countries. To slow down the pace, he loves to go offroad. When he is not hiking or biking, he is either helping clients with their business challenges or creating fun with his family. He lives in Bengaluru with his wife Renu Yarday, who inspires him for all things outdoors, and their two daughters Anushka and Devika.

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